Moving computers around OUs

I’ve had this snippet hanging around as a draft for some time, here it is.

Moving comptuers around OUs (Organisational Units) can be a pain if you can’t find the computer you want.

To find a wayward computer open up Active Directory, right click on your local domain name, select find, change the scope to show computers, type in the name you are looking for and bingo, you’ve found it.

From here you can right click the computer name and move it to the OU you want it in.

Painless upgrade to WordPress 2.5

Just did yet another painless upgrade to WordPress, which is the software that powers this web site.

It is now running version 2.5 quite happily. What made this upgrade different was the fact that I did it from my laptop running Ubuntu 7.10.

Every other upgrade I’ve done from a Windows platform, using the FTP tool I’ve been familiar with, FileZilla.

The default install of Ubuntu hasn’t installed FileZilla, so it was a quick click to System | Administration | Synaptic Package Manager | Search | “Filezilla” | Mark for install | approve the dependancies | Apply.

In under a minute, FileZilla was installed and my favorite FTP tool was running just like it does on my Windows laptop. Yay! I just love how easy it is to install most things with Ubuntu.

Brisbane launch of HEROES happen {here}

I went along to the launch earlier this evening of the Microsoft Server 2008 HEROES happen {here} launch.

Yes it is one month after the offical launch, but tonight I hear more about Small Business Server 2008 and Essential Business Server 2008, both of which have some good features and product inclusions and exclusions.

I take my hat off to one of the presenters, Robbie Upcroft, for his honesty and candor. It was refreshing to see coming from Microsoft. We had some questions for him regarding x64 Exchange 2007 vs x32 Exchange 2003 – as some third party vendors are dragging the chain (read: some LOB application providers are still using 16 bit code in applications), hence could we use SBS 2008/EBS 2008 and use Exchange 2003 instead of Exchange 2007. Answer, yes.

All in all a great evening which helped confirm the direction in which MS is headed with this product set.

The key to “True Fans”

Reading the post over The Technium about True Fans and it made me think (and I’m taking a personal approach here):

EVERY business needs fans.

The key to my business is how well we treat our fans.

Then they either become non-fans, or they become true-fans.

In this context, the words fans and clients are inter-changeable.

Kevin talks about artists, and the concept (reality) that each artist can survive with a limited number of fans, different for each artist, but nominally pegged at 1000 true fans per artist. Obviously you need fewer true fans if your making more dollars from each one, more if you make less from each.

Now artists may be creative types, but business people like to eat something other than chicken soup too. It makes me think about the equations used to determine pricing, levels of service and how many clients are needed. As Kevin puts it “The processes you develop to feed your True Fans will also nurture Lesser Fans.

I don’t think there is one right answer, one size fits all approach. But I do believe that this thinking can be applied to more than just artists.