Future of Web

Dave Winer writes:

The premise: The web is where the PC industry was before the Mac. No standard UIs. Big opportunity.

Listened to Dave this morning on the ride to work. He’s mentioned Bootstrap from Twitter before, but in his podcast here he explains the why it is such a good thing. The great thing here is that his podcast is one that will help for non-developers understand why it’s important.

I wonder if people on the #SageACT dev team, or any of the add-on developers have looked at this for use in the Sage ACT! Premium for Web product? I’d be interested if they are leveraging others work in this area or if they’ve re-invented the wheel, you’ll need to listen to the podcast to get what I’m asking.

If you develop web apps, I recommend you go listen to it, because it’s only 17 minutes long it ain’t gonna bust up your day to hear a little history and see how it might improve the future.

Link to Dave Winer’s short post and podcast, go listen: Scripting News: DaveCast #16: Mac of the web.

Jason Calacanis said:

Four days ago I wrote: How to Beat the iPad?

If Microsoft, Sony, Google, HP and Samsung want to make an impact in the tablet space, there is a very, very simple solution: lose money.

If I was running any of these companies, I would simply create a $99, $199 and $299 tablet and lose $10B getting 100M of them out there. Seriously, Apple will lower the cost of this overpriced device only when some maniac enters the market with a stunning price.
Well, that maniac has arrived, and his name is Jeff Bezos.

via www.launch.is/blog/.

Fact Checking

Craig Wright is on the Board of Directors for GICSR (Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research) and has ‘fact checked’ the ‘Fact Check’ article written by Scot Terban. See article here: FACT CHECK: SCADA Systems Are Online Now.

Of more interest to me than the fact checking, is the very common story I’ve seen of systems that were put in place by group of people, who’ve handed over the reins to someone else, who in turn have passed it on to another someone, and the knowledge of how the system actually works is gone.

I see this daily on a small scale and every now and again, it’s a not so small system that’s completely just flying on it’s own. No-one knows quite how it works, or even quite what it does.

The only way to reduce the risks inherent in these systems is to have good, clear documentation. Documentation that includes peoples names such as employees, contractors, suppliers, even competitors, that someone might be able to at least contact 10 years later and say “Hey, do you remember working on the xyz project? Would you be able to help us out here?”

Just a thought.

Seth’s Blog: Forward or back?

Fresh post from Seth Godin, where he suggests we start some converstations with this:

“We’d like to roll the … technology … back to the way it used to be, even though it almost never works out that way. Here’s why it’s going to be different this time.” via Seth’s Blog: Forward or back?.

Me-thinks I’ll use this in a conversation or two. :)

Sage ACT! 2011 SP1 Hot Fix 5 now available

What a joy to see hot fix 5 for Sage ACT! 2011 out!

And yes, it does fix the company name/contact name issue.

When you enter a company name or contact name that exceeds the length of the field, the name is truncated.

You can go get it here KB 27440 – How to Download and Apply Sage ACT! 2011 SP1 Hot Fix 5.

Details of what’s NEW in Hot Fix 5

Function Description What the Hot Fix Does
Companies After entering\editing data in the company list view, users are unable to save due to a recurring error “Unable to continue in ACT! without saving the company name.” Prevents the Company Name file data from being deleted.
Database Import When importing information into another database using the default mapping and merge options, data loss occurs because first, middle, and last names are not mapping correctly. Enable the name data to be imported into the correct fields.
Attachments After attaching a document in the Documents tab and then changing the layout, the Documents tab does not refresh (continues to show the attachment for the previous record). Alters tabs (in the primary entity view) that contain list views to reflect changes.
Remote Synchronization When a file on the Documents tab is synched to a remote database, edited, and then synchronized again, the original document is not updated. Changes the name of the synched document.
Company List View After entering or editing data in the Company List view, users are unable to save due to a recurring error “Unable to continue in ACT! without saving the company name.” Prevents the Company Name file data from being deleted.
Contacts When you enter a company name that exceeds the length of the company name field, the company name is truncated. Positions the cursor at the beginning of text; text appears properly.
Contacts When you enter a contact name that exceeds the length of the contact name field, the contact name is truncated. Positions the cursor at the beginning of text; text appears properly.
Email After setting up an email system to use Sage ACT! 2011 email, the option to attach existing email to contacts, companies, or groups is unavailable. Enables the Attach option.
Outlook Integration In the French, Polish, and German product, the Change ACT! Database dialog box includes unlocalized text. Properly translates the Change ACT! Database dialog box.


TinyLetter Email Marketing

A new take on email newsletters:

…besides being created by the legendary Philip Kaplan (if you’re over 35 and were laid off by a dot-com you know who @pud is, and you know how great his email newsletter was), we think TinyLetter is a unique take on email marketing newsletters because:

  1. It was built from the ground up by someone who is NOT from the email marketing world,
  2. It’s utterly simple (because of #1),
  3. …more…

Read more here: MailChimp Acquires TinyLetter | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog.

And you can sign up to my tinyletter newsletter there by visiting tinyletter.com/benhamilton. Ok, so maybe it’s not a new take on newsletters, but the implementation does seem to be, and in my view, simple is good.

What Version of Microsoft Installer?

Sage ACT! 2011 and 2012 require Microsoft Installer 4.5 or better to be installed. I like to know prior to running the Sage ACT! installer just which version is installed as the Sage ACT! installer will install it if it’s required and then do a reboot. And we all know that reboots are often not welcome.

Thus for one an all’s installation enjoyment, here is the code for determining just which version of the Microsoft Installer is present.

@Echo off
:: Created by Ben Hamilton ACT! CRM Certified Consultant
:: to display which version of the Microsoft Installer is installed.
:: http://ben.hamilton.id.au
Echo set args = WScript.Arguments >fvi.vbs
Echo Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") >>fvi.vbs
Echo WScript.Echo fso.GetFileVersion(args(0)) >>fvi.vbs
Echo Wscript.Quit >>fvi.vbs
for /f "skip=2 " %%G IN ('cscript fvi.vbs %systemroot%\system32\msi.dll') DO (Set MSIVersion=%%G)
Echo Microsoft Installer %MSIVersion:~0,3% is installed.
del fvi.vbs /q

Hope you find it as useful as I do.

We Are All Weird

Seth Godin has a new book out called “We Are All Weird”, to quote:

The bell curve is spreading, normal isn’t what it used to be and the age of mass is over.

We’ve lived with mass all our lives, and now it’s gone. What are you going to do about it?

How much longer will we isolate and denigrate people because they don’t fit our mass-market definition of the way people should choose to act?

via We Are All Weird.

No IMAP to Exchange 2003

So I ran into an issue I’ve not seen before yesterday. Couldn’t get Microsoft Outlook 2010 configured to talk via IMAP to Microsoft Exchange 2003, although the username and password was correct, it just would not connect. Turns out the answer is in this Microsoft KB article: Users Cannot Log On Using POP3 and the Error 0x80040920 Is Logged. Although about POP3 and not IMAP, the fix is the same, make both the account name and the alias in Microsoft Exchange the same.