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Monthly Archives: November 2011

General Insights

I’ve got back from the the Sage Insights conference on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. There were a couple of things that I’ve found of key interest: We saw a demo of the Sage ACT! Premium for Web HTML5 interface. Really liked the look of this, quite excited about this as I’m sure a number of […]


AddThis is a browser extension. It’ll allow you to easily share content on multiple networks.

Do This Today: 11.11.11

The 11.11.11 project asks you to take a photo of whatever you’re doing at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th November 2011…then contribute your pic to ABC Open. via ABC OPEN – Posts – Set Your Alarm.

Video Interview : Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is one of the guys behind twitter and square. AsiaD have a video interview with him. In it he talks of one of his major inspirations (Steve Jobs) and the challenges Twitter faces in China. Go watch.

Two Important Product Rules

Steven Poole has a great post up. In it he states two ‘rules’. He may not be the first to verbalise them, but he’s got a great commentary on them. Go take a read. For that that are still reading here and not over there, here are the two rules: If you’re not paying for […]

CRM Has Bright Future

…After five years of volatility, the CRM service industry is set to see a steady growth over the next few years. In 2012, CRM industry’s revenue will increase by four percent, says market research firm IBISWorld…

The Perils of Updates

…and hell broke loose. Every app on the machine, every little bit of system code wanted to update itself. Not only did it waste a ton of my time supervising all this updating, I could never be sure when it was finished. After updating a lot of stuff didn’t run anymore…

Leadership Skill

The Must-Have Leadership Skill via Harvard Business Review.

RDP setup

I often need to connect to servers via RDP. I’ve found these posts below helpful for configuring RDP connection settings, specifically getting the new RDP window to open on the screen I want in the position I want. Firstly, GrandPixel’s comment on this blog post at at 9:00pm on August 17, 2010. Secondly, this […]

Google Apps and CRM

The problem with Google Apps and CRM is that the integration between these two data silos (company data and customer data) is underdeveloped, and the integrations, overall, have poor to middling support from the CRM vendors. via TechRepublic.