MySQL – Counting how many rows have a particular value

Working on a SugarCRM dashboard today, and I needed to count how many records had one value and how many records had a second value. I then wanted to know what percentage the first value was of the total. So there’s a bit of MySQL code that helps make this easy to do.

  SUM(IF(field_name = 'value_one',1,0)) AS 'Value One',
  SUM(IF(field_name = 'value_two',1,0)) AS 'Value Two'
FROM table_name

What this does is counts up how many times value_one and value_two appear in field_name in the table table_name.

You can then take this a step further, if you wanted to, and I did…

you can use a line like this within your query:

This gives you the percentage that value_one is of (value_one + value_two).

Hat tip to this stackoverflow answer by eisberg.

Edit: 2014-05-26-21h53m put the final code snippet into a ‘Gist’ on GitHub.

Short list of software I’m using

Just a quick post of some software that I use, that I’ve just discussed with Seth (he knows who he is).

All useful, but the starting point is better task management, so start with Nozbe. PS: also see remapping the CapsLock key.

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