Security on crackberries

Just reading this article at CSO on the dangers of using mobile devices and it specifically mentions the John McCain incident:

…officials with John McCain’s campaign mistakenly sold a Blackberry to a Fox television reporter for US$20 in a fire sale…

News like this makes me glad that the most of our clients that use either Blackberries or Windows Mobile devices are using Handheld Contact (aka HHC) to sync their data to their handheld.

I AM GLAD because Handheld Contact has an option on the server side to “Erase data from handheld” which will erase all data sent to the handheld by HHC which is all the contact info for all the contacts.

If a client loses their Blackberry, all it takes is a phone call to their system admin (or me), a couple of mouse clicks and a large chunk of sensitive information is removed from the Blackberry.

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2 thoughts on “Security on crackberries”

  1. Curious. Are there any applications out there that could potentially restore deleted blackberry data? If so that would need to be a consideration in the entire security on handhelds debate.

  2. Danny, I’m sure there would be. But once again, the level of knowledge and access to resources is greater than the general public (or thief) has.

    To protect against the DETERMINED and TARGETING thief is very very difficult as the perpetrator only has to find one way in.

    With features such as the one in HHC (above) it greatly reduces the risk you are exposed to. If you leave your BB in a taxi, at the airport, falls out of your pocket, someone pickpockets you – then this protects you in these cases.

    If someone is specifically targeting you and your company – then it is a question of how many resources they have and how badly they want your data.

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