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Category Archives: Hardware

Desktop Laser Cutter

Oh yeah!, I’d LOVE one of these babies: ..a brand new entry level desktop laser engraver and cutter designed for hobbyists. The manufacturer, Full Spectrum Laser, has designed this machine as inexpensively as possible to make laser cutting a possibility to a larger audience that can’t afford an industry standard machine… via

The Apple Advantage

Thought provoking: ..however superior Apple’s design is, it’s their business and operations strength — the Cook side of the equation — that is furthest ahead of their competition, and the more sustainable advantage. via Daring Fireball: The New Apple Advantage.

Introduction to Arduino

Jody Culkin has release an Introductory guide to Arduino in cartoon form. The web site is here: Introduction to Arduino, download the PDF here: arduino-comic-latest1.pdf. Via

Stupid security

This sort of thing REALLY annoys me. Security through obscurity is a FEATURE of this product, the Wyse V10L thin client. To quote: And, with an unpublished API, Wyse Thin OS is one of the most secure operating systems on the market. What rot. What that means translated is “not many people know how our […]