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How to generate ssh keys on Mac OSX

Good clear description on how to create your own public/private keys for ssh.

Sugar Logic bug with a workaround for date fields

A client is recording the expiry dates of staff blue cards in their SugarCRM database. So I used the following sugar logic to show if the blue card has expired or not: ifElse(isBefore(today(),$bluecard_expiry_c),”Current”,”EXPIRED”) However, the problem here is that when a user of SugarCRM is editing the record, there is a known bug that means […]

Activate IFTTT SMS Channel on Optus in Australia

How to activate the SMS channel on IFTTT on the Optus network in Australia. Assuming your mobile number was 0410 123 456. Drop the leading zero = 410 123 456. Add the Australian country code 61 to the front = 61 410 123 456. Add 00 to the front of the number 00 61 410 […]

Screenshot & screencasts on Mac OSX

Back when I worked exclusively on a Windows machine, I loved using Screenpresso for the ease with which it allowed me to do screenshots and screencasts (if you’re still stuck on Windows, go buy it, it’s worth it). But now that I’m on a Mac, what to do? So to start with just press SHIFT-CMD-4 […]

Setting up Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS under VMware on Mac OSX

Good set of instructions on how to get Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS running under VMware Fusion on your Mac OSX machine.

SugarCRM screen formatting issue

Angel Magaña explains why, and how to fix SugarCRM screen formatting issue. Summary: it’s the cache folder permissions.

How to change drive space on VMware Fusion VM

On occasion you’ll want to change the size of a Virtual Machines hard disk drive. I’m using VMware Fusion, and to do this, you enter the Settings of that VM and under the Hard Disk option you’ll be able to change the drive size. Note that you can’t make changes if the VM has snapshots […]

How to get Google Chrome to open your pages from your last session

I use Google Chrome as my primary browser on the MacBook. Although I only restart the machine every few weeks I like it to re-open the same tabs that were open last. To do this, in Google Chrome type chrome://settings/ into the address bar and press enter. This loads the Settings page. Then check the Continue where […]

Sharing a host folder with a guest Virtual Machine

I’m using VMware Fusion on my MacBook. At times I have either files on the local host (the MacBook) that I want to edit or installers that I want to run on the guest (the virtual machine). With your virtual machine running, click on the Settings icon, select Sharing | Shared Folders ON | tick […]

How to close an app properly on iOS

To close an app on iOS, simply switching to another app does not close it. It is still running and consuming RAM. This Apple KB explains how to close it properly on iOS7. On iOS6, use this method.