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The Art of Productivity

Reading and thinking about productivity is not the same as being productive. Reading and thinking about being productive can be productive to a point, but after that it becomes a form of procrastination. The art lies in realising when you’ve crossed that point.

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Window Key + Arrow Key

If you’re using Windows 7, have you tried pressing the ‘Windows’ key and either the left or right arrow key at the same time? What this does is ‘half screen’ your current application window. This is particularly useful on larger screens. For example I can have a reference document occupy the left half of the […]

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iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Summary: create keyboard shortcuts on your iPad to make it quicker write notes and emails. Settings | General | Keyboard | Shortcuts I first got an iPad about 10 months ago and the keyboard is nowhere as quick to type on as ergonomic keyboard for my workstation. What does however make typing on the iPad […]

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Me, Myself & Productivity

Summary: when inputing text on an iPad or iPhone do a double space to finish a sentence. It will transform into a full stop followed by a space. I’ve had an interest in all things ‘productivity’ related for some time, but over the last few years its become a stronger driving force. When I took […]

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My Choices Led Me Here

I am here because of my choices, my decisions. Because of my actions and my inactions. Like it, or like it not. That is the why. You could accurately say “I chose to be here”. The choices ahead, they will determine where I go. Where are you? And where are you going? Are you choices […]

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Quickly Create Bulleted Lists On iPads

I’m a newcomer to the iPad, but I’ve found that creating a bulleted list in an email can be rather time consuming as to get an ‘asterik’ (star, SHIFT-8, one of these *) takes a few taps on the keyboard. I’ve found a quicker way to make them happen, here it is: Go to Settings […]

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Getting ifttt to add to RTM

If that headline made sense to you, then you’re in the right place :) The problem I had is that ifttt doesn’t by default integrate with RTM. So I’ve come up with a way that creates a new RTM task for me whenever there is a new item in a particular RSS feed. We create […]

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CRM on One Page

…So while on a quest to get a suitable CRM for our own business, we found, to our surprise, nothing that helped you actually sell better… …So we built it… via “People behind OnePageCRM”.

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Believe. Or Not.

…But we are believers. We believe that we can make it work. And that’s what gets me up every morning… via “Believers vs non-believers”

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To-Do App: Orchestra

This app has some nice features: Orchestra is the To-Do app that connects you with everyone – The Next Web.

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Fail Forward Fast

Larry Page (CEO of Google) says: There are basically no companies that have good slow decisions … There are only companies that have good fast decisions. As companies get bigger, they slow down decision making, and that’s a big problem. via Google’s Biggest Threat Is Google –

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Goal vs. Goals

Min Zhao, an assistant professor of marketing, has this to say: If you have only one goal it puts you in a more action-oriented mindset and helps you save more … Too much thinking about which goal is more important keeps people from acting. via Rotman School of Management.

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GTD for Organisations

Listened to the latest podcast from the David Allen Company (22nd Sept 2011) on the ride home today. It’s a discussion of the benefits of Holacracy approach, described as GTD for an organisation in the podcast, it sounded really interesting, worth a further look.

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