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Different ways to use 123 Sync with Act! and MS Exchange

The different ways to use 123 Sync with Act! and MS Exchange.

New Act! emarketing to arrive soon

Act! (now owned by Swiftpage) will have an updated emarketing platform builtin to the next release of Act! 16.1. I know many who will be eager to test this out.

Establishing Contact Management

Carving a New Niche – Mike Muhney on establishing the Contact Management software category via Software Advice.

Success Lesson from ACT!

In his article over at the Software Advice blog titled “The Birth of a Category Known as Contact Management“, Mike Muhney (co-founder of ACT! Software) brings out some history surrounding where ACT! came from. What struck me was the fact that it was born of a need, a need both he and Pat Sullivan had. […]

Birth of Contact Management

Mike Muhney explores the history of contact management in “The Birth of a Category Known as Contact Management”.

Sage ACT! 2012 Overview

Richard Brust has written a blog post on: ..not so much about the setup and inner workings, rather more of a “what you get” in the integration… via CRM Tips, Tricks, and Technical Info: SageACT! Google Integration. Good run down.

Export ACT! reports to Excel

Had a client today need some information out of ACT!, and ideally it would be in an Microsoft Excel spread sheet. Given that one of the default ACT! reports gave the bare minimum required (Group Membership) we spent some considerable time editing a copy of that report to display the actual fields we wanted, both […]

Who should pay for Microsoft SQL installations that go wrong?

The day is almost over, so I’ll fill you in on some of what occurred today, as it relates directly to this post by Mike at GLComputing. This was originally written as a comment to his post and kinda grew, so I’m posting it here in full. SQL 2008 Express R2 has finally let me […]

How to: Clear Outlook Location list

Had an issue yesterday where we wanted to remove some entires from Outlooks location list. Huh? When you book an appointment in Microsoft Outlooks calendar you can specify a location. If ACT! by Sage has a Resource that is designated as a location, when ACT! sync’s with Outlook that location list gets filled in. So, […]

The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave

Google Wave is occuping a great deal of mind space at the moment, the best site I’ve found that explains what it is, and how to use it is this, which starts out with this: The Complete Guide to Google Wave is a comprehensive user manual by Gina Trapani with Adam Pash. Google Wave is […]