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Benford’s law

Whilst talking to @StevieHamilton he mentioned listening to this great podcast called Radiolab Numbers. He also mentioned Benford’s Law and it’s applications, it sounded interesting and so I went and listened and indeed, it is. Benford’s Law, also known as the First Digit law basically states that numbers will have a tendency to start with […]

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What is an avatar?

If like me you work in the online world, you could be forgiven for thinking that an avatar is a picture or photograph used to represent yourself in online communities. Yet, every definition I’ve found lists another, older definition in first place, and I found this interesting… The wikipedia disambiguation page, the Google define:avatar & […]

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Dunbar’s 150, or is it?

I read Seth Godin’s post Dunbar’s Number isn’t just a number, it’s the law and found that the idea there resonated with me, there is a limit to how many people you can truly keep up with. It was in fact the first time I’ve heard of Dunbar and his ‘magic’ number of 150, further […]

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Command line terminal server

I’ve just come across a terminal server that wouldn’t let me log on. Turns out the maximum number of users the terminal server is licensed for has been exceeded. Thusly, from another machine on the network, we open a command prompt and type qwinsta /server:<servername> This will give a list of the terminal server sessions […]

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Highlighting rows in MS Excel

I have a schedule that I print for a community group. I use Excel to produce it and one of the things I’ve done to make it easier for people to see when they are rostered on is to highlight the row that relates to their assignment. Now I simply change the name in the […]

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What version of SQL (revisited)

Stan Smith has just posted a link to MS KB 321185 – How to identify your SQL Server version and edition which is quite handy. I’ve posted previously on how to find out what version of SQL is running, but this newer KB link above adds SQL 2008 version numbers as well.

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Social media workshops

Today I had the privilege of running 3 workshops at Brisbane Boys’ College for their Careers and Counselling department on the topic of “Social Media – the use of electronic social networks to advance your career“. I found a few things of interest: Almost all the students were on Facebook (a guess, 80%) A lot […]

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VStrom aluminium topbox

I’ve been looking for some time for a good topbox to mount on the VStrom (my daily commute) and couldn’t find anything I’ve been happy with. Either to small, to much plastic, “how much for that!” shock, unhappy with the shape, you name it, haven’t seen anything I liked. The closest I’ve come is side […]

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Thoughts on new communication methods

Lately I’ve been using some social media tools more. Today while discussing an upcoming presentation with one of the other participants, it occurred to me that some of these tools have in fact become indispensable to me. I’m using IM in the form of Google chat to keep other employees up-to-date with my movements and […]

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Should you use a twitter auto DM?

At the moment, there seems to be a backlash against using twitter auto DM’s (Direct Messages) to automatically send a new twitter follower a message. I have a somewhat different point of view on this. If you’re going to have a message auto sent to a new twitter follower and do one or more of […]

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Looking ahead

Exercise this morning was riding the mountain bike, while riding I kept hitting rocks. I found that I was focused on the section of path just ahead of me, the next 1-4 metres. Once I started looking forward further, 30-80 metres ahead, I began to avoid the rocks, my perhipheral vision was working for me, […]

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Business Process Video

Just spotted this great article from Jason Nethercott on creating your own Business Process Video – interesting stuff. I can see using this info to document a process, then see where to improve those processes.

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Become a blogger

Yes – I signed up to – after reading the free road map PDF and watching the 10 free Howto videos. Even tho I’ve been blogging since 2002, in the last 24 hours I’ve already learnt stuff. Plus I’ve got access to a private forum (ie no trolls) where like minded ‘students’ and experts […]

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Innovation strategies

Saw a tweet from Lee Hopkins pointing to this free report on Innovation Strategies for the Global Recession. Good stuff.

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Caramel goodness

I recall watching my mother make caramel by boiling a can of condensed milk, but do you think I can find ANYWHERE on the ‘net that tells me how to do so? nope. Seems everyone is afraid of exploding cans. Managed to find some stories of cans having exploded and the resultant mess. Thusly, here […]

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Changing the world one ACT at a time!

Do you love your job? I do. Let me tell you why. I get to change ‘someones’ world on a daily basis. And I love it.  I do technical support for a small marketing firm, all of our clients use ACT!, which is a contact management application. When you show someone how they can improve […]

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Chrome VMWare

Hey, this is cool, I’ve just realised that Chome will open the web interface of VMWare Server 2.0 – it didn’t last week. Neato.

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Why use LinkedIn?

I use LinkedIn and find it useful to keep in touch with the business people I deal with. Also it has enabled me to find key people in companies so that I can get the information I need quicker, for example I needed some technical help with an IBM product, I was able to find […]

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Rate of change

The rate of change in the world is immense. Take a look at this to put a few facts into perspective. Amazing. Scary. Exciting.

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Why LinkedIn and not Facebook

Ok, I’m not accepting any Facebook invites. All Facebook does for me is consume my time and I’ve got work to do. LinkedIn on the other hand is my online resume, it does keep me in touch with other working professionals. I often get asked “Why LinkedIn?” – well I’ve found this slideshow that details […]

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