Ben Hamilton

Olixar Universal Bike Phone Mount

I commute to work every day on my motorcycle, it’s a 52 kilometre trip each way. Wearing my headphones, Waze lets me know of any accidents or hazards ahead but because the phone is in my jacket pocket, I only hear such warnings, I don’t see them. It would be nice to see the Waze […]

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iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Summary: create keyboard shortcuts on your iPad to make it quicker write notes and emails. Settings | General | Keyboard | Shortcuts I first got an iPad about 10 months ago and the keyboard is nowhere as quick to type on as ergonomic keyboard for my workstation. What does however make typing on the iPad […]

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Me, Myself & Productivity

Summary: when inputing text on an iPad or iPhone do a double space to finish a sentence. It will transform into a full stop followed by a space. I’ve had an interest in all things ‘productivity’ related for some time, but over the last few years its become a stronger driving force. When I took […]

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