Setting up WriteMonkey on WordPress

This post has been written using [WriteMonkey]( “Zenware for full screen distraction free writing”) as the text editor. Not only that but I’ve utilised Markdown as the method of text mark-up. All of this has been achieved using WordPress as my CMS, Firefox as my browser and a Firefox plug-in called It’s All Text.

My first impressions are actually good. Although its taken a little setup, I’m actually happy with the result. You see, using WriteMonkey as a text editor is, well, gorgeous. The screen is emptied of all distractions. With typewriter mode enabled, it is a pure joy to use.

Now to get this to work I did the following:

+ [disabled the visual editor]( “Article by Chris Coyier on blogging in WordPress with Markdown”) in [WordPress]( “The official WordPress site”),
+ installed the [It’s All Text]( “Firefox add-on page for It’s All Text”) Firefox plug-in,
+ installed the [PHP Markdown]( “Download page for PHP Markdown”) [plug-in for WordPress]( “Help getting Markdown working in WordPress”),
+ started writing :)

Not so hard is it? Actually the writing bit is the hardest. But you knew that…

What it now means is that when I begin writing a new post in WordPress, I simple click the little edit button that appears, and WriteMonkey fires up, comes to the foreground and I start writing. To finish up, I press CTRL-Q and I click YES I do want to save it.

So I can whole-heartedly say that it’s worth the effort to setup [WriteMonkey]( “Zenware for full screen distraction free writing”). Go do it! It feels good.

Of course, now the hard bit is about to start, that is, do more writing.

PS: Only found out about WriteMonkey via [DownloadSquad]( “These guys are on the bleeding edge of shiny”)