TinyLetter Email Marketing

A new take on email newsletters:

…besides being created by the legendary Philip Kaplan (if you’re over 35 and were laid off by a dot-com you know who @pud is, and you know how great his email newsletter was), we think TinyLetter is a unique take on email marketing newsletters because:

  1. It was built from the ground up by someone who is NOT from the email marketing world,
  2. It’s utterly simple (because of #1),
  3. …more…

Read more here: MailChimp Acquires TinyLetter | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog.

And you can sign up to my tinyletter newsletter there by visiting tinyletter.com/benhamilton. Ok, so maybe it’s not a new take on newsletters, but the implementation does seem to be, and in my view, simple is good.

Link Roundup 2011-09-10

Link roundup of what I’ve just read that I feel is worthy of a mention:

Mike Schneider and Aaron Strout guest post on Logic+Emotion: Location-Based Marketing: What’s in it for Me?

Wayne Schulz has two posts: You’d Have To Be Crazy To Ignore Email Newsletters and Use Boilerplate Replies To Pre-Qualify.

James Huff writes Ten WordPress Features That You May Have Missed.