Do you use the Apple FireVault to encrypt your drive?

Do you use the Apple Mac FireVault?

I’m not. At least, not yet. Given the warning it gives prior to turning it on I’ve not yet turned it on. Should I? or should I not?

This is the warning that appears:

WARNING: You will need your login password or a recovery key to access your data. A recovery key is automatically generated as part of this setup. If you forget both your password and recovery key, the data will be lost.

Your thoughts/input/experience appreciated.

Writing Answers

Older post from Joe Chernov on how to write a great online answer (i.e. Quora).

I’ve printed out his post and stuck it to the wall here. The key points he makes are:

  1. Be the first to answer.
  2. Include links and/or graphics in your answer.
  3. Stick to a word count of 100 to 200 words.
I like this because all to often we we need to answer a client or co-workers question, using his guidelines makes for a more succinet answer, which means it is more likely to be read, and in turn, acted upon.
But don’t take my word for it, go read his post and get it direct.