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Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide. The name says it all.

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Faster Numbering of OmniFocus Tasks

I wrote up how I’m numbering tasks in OmniFocus, but I’ve now modified the Keyboard Maestro recipe so it’s just a touch faster. Here’s a screenshot: I’ve also since created a separate recipe in Keyboard Maestro for each key Project I have in OmniFocus, each with it’s own .txt file that it refers to. This […]

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What Version of Microsoft Installer?

Sage ACT! 2011 and 2012 require Microsoft Installer 4.5 or better to be installed. I like to know prior to running the Sage ACT! installer just which version is installed as the Sage ACT! installer will install it if it’s required and then do a reboot. And we all know that reboots are often not […]

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How to find your external ip address from the command line

I often need to know what the external IP address for a client is. Thus I’ve cobbled together the following script. Simply copy the code below into externalip.cmd and when run from the command prompt it will do two things for you: the script will display the external IP address the script will set the […]

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Using registry values in scripts

I’m often writing scripts to do stuff. It makes my job easier. I’ve often wanted to be able to script the discovery of registry values in the Windows Registry. Thus here is a short example on using the vanilla windows command line to find the value of a Windows registry key. From my testing these […]

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