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Is using XP Unlimted legal?

This is a question I’ve been asked, and I’ve seen a multitude of opinions out there on the wild wild web. Thus I thought I’d share my findings. First of all, what is XP Unlimited? XP Unlimited turns your Windows System into a full blown Terminal Server, without any limit. XP Unlimited gives you eXtra […]

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How to: discover open files on Microsoft Server

So you’re working on a Microsoft Server machine, merrily getting stuff done, when you get a message saying that it can’t continue because files are open. Sound familiar? It happens to me often. Here is how I find out which files are open and who has them open: If you’re working on a Microsoft Server […]

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Resurrecting Terminal Server

A Terminal Server I was attempting to work on today gave quite a lot of grief. The first hint was that users were unable to login to it. When I then tried to login, it gave an error message of: Login Failed You are connected to the remote computer. Howerver, an error occured while an […]

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