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SQL JOINs explained

SQL JOINs? Go read the article from the source (Visual Representation of SQL Joins)¬†and it’ll make even more sense.

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Sql snippet to show just opportunities from current month

I’m needing to do a sql query to show just the opportunities from the current month, the sql snippet for the WHERE clause to do this is the following: WHERE MONTH(opportunities.date_closed) = MONTH(NOW()) and YEAR(opportunities.date_closed) = Year(now())

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Cardinality notation symbols

Cardinality specifies how many instances of an entity relate to one instance of another entity. Source: SmartDraw.

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Who should pay for Microsoft SQL installations that go wrong?

The day is almost over, so I’ll fill you in on some of what occurred today, as it relates directly to this post by Mike at GLComputing. This was originally written as a comment to his post and kinda grew, so I’m posting it here in full. SQL 2008 Express R2 has finally let me […]

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What version of SQL (revisited)

Stan Smith has just posted a link to MS KB 321185 – How to identify your SQL Server version and edition which is quite handy. I’ve posted previously on how to find out what version of SQL is running, but this newer KB link above adds SQL 2008 version numbers as well.

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SQL 2005 Versions

I have to thank Kevin Chieff (ACT! guru) for pointing me to this link on how to tell the difference between versions of Microsoft SQL 2005 – and the MS page it points to re the SERVERPROPERTY (Transact-SQL) command. The number of times I’ve had to work out just which version of SQL is running […]

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Evolving the ACT

It is now two weeks in to my new digs at Evolution Marketing – and it sure is fun. Primarily I’ve been learning how to drive ACT!, software to take care of your contact management. Yesterday and today I’ve been playing with custom tables in the ACT! MS-SQL database. While ACT! looks after contacts and […]

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What version of SQL Server is running?

[update: SQL2005 versions more info here] To find out what version of SQL Server your running, do this: From the command prompt on the SQL Server itself, osql -E -S %computername% This will give you a SQL prompt, at which you do the following: 1>exec master..xp_msver ‘ProductName’ 2>exec master..xp_msver ‘ProductVersion’ 3>go This gives you two […]

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