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Backup WordPress to Dropbox

Backup your WordPress site to a Dropbox folder.

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WordPress for iOS

I’ve just loaded WordPress for iOS onto my phone, and this is the obligatory test post.

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Link Roundup 2011-09-10

Link roundup of what I’ve just read that I feel is worthy of a mention: Mike Schneider and Aaron Strout guest post on Logic+Emotion: Location-Based Marketing: What’s in it for Me? Wayne Schulz has two posts: You’d Have To Be Crazy To Ignore Email Newsletters and Use Boilerplate Replies To Pre-Qualify. James Huff writes Ten […]

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Glanced at…

Two quick things: Winerlinks – Add Dave Winer style paragraph # marks to your WordPress. Evernote 4.x is up for download on their site. I’ve oft thought about Dave Winers hash marks, which contain a permalink to each paragraph in his blog posts. Now, Daniel Bachhuber has made a WordPress plugin that does it automagically […]

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Setting up WriteMonkey on WordPress

This post has been written using [WriteMonkey]( “Zenware for full screen distraction free writing”) as the text editor. Not only that but I’ve utilised Markdown as the method of text mark-up. All of this has been achieved using WordPress as my CMS, Firefox as my browser and a Firefox plug-in called It’s All Text. My […]

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Painless upgrade to WordPress 2.5

Just did yet another painless upgrade to WordPress, which is the software that powers this web site. It is now running version 2.5 quite happily. What made this upgrade different was the fact that I did it from my laptop running Ubuntu 7.10. Every other upgrade I’ve done from a Windows platform, using the FTP […]

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