We Are All Weird

Seth Godin has a new book out called “We Are All Weird”, to quote:

The bell curve is spreading, normal isn’t what it used to be and the age of mass is over.

We’ve lived with mass all our lives, and now it’s gone. What are you going to do about it?

How much longer will we isolate and denigrate people because they don’t fit our mass-market definition of the way people should choose to act?

via We Are All Weird.

No IMAP to Exchange 2003

So I ran into an issue I’ve not seen before yesterday. Couldn’t get Microsoft Outlook 2010 configured to talk via IMAP to Microsoft Exchange 2003, although the username and password was correct, it just would not connect. Turns out the answer is in this Microsoft KB article: Users Cannot Log On Using POP3 and the Error 0x80040920 Is Logged. Although about POP3 and not IMAP, the fix is the same, make both the account name and the alias in Microsoft Exchange the same.

Rugby, Uncertainty and Business

@StevieHamilton pointed me to this:

…Uncertainty, though, cannot be overcome and it can be more debilitating if players don’t know where they sit. You can manage this process when there is an end goal, but as you near this goal the need to eliminate uncertainty also arises… via England’s all-black strip fails most important test.

Although writing about the current 2011 Rugby World Cup this principle also applies to the business workplace. Uncertainty is crippling. Having a defined method of dealing with situations of uncertainty can help.

Link Roundup 2011-09-10

Link roundup of what I’ve just read that I feel is worthy of a mention:

Mike Schneider and Aaron Strout guest post on Logic+Emotion: Location-Based Marketing: What’s in it for Me?

Wayne Schulz has two posts: You’d Have To Be Crazy To Ignore Email Newsletters and Use Boilerplate Replies To Pre-Qualify.

James Huff writes Ten WordPress Features That You May Have Missed.