Act! Address Field Type ID Values

Doing a data extract from an Act! database, and the address fields are kept in a MSSQL database table called TBL_ADDRESS and the address types are differentiated by the TBL_ADDRESS.TYPEID field.

The following table gives the TYPEID, what it is in plain English and the table and field.

TYPEID Plain English Table.Field
31BD07D5-4CB7-4038-9505-D2347AA530A1 Contact Primary Address TBL_CONTACT.TYPEID
47E09CBD-4218-411B-8B59-E838B13E2CCF Contact Home Address TBL_CONTACT.TYPEID
31BD07D5-4CB7-4038-9505-D2347AA530A1 Company Primary Address TBL_COMPANY.TYPEID
99E19E51-0C31-44EE-A9CD-2B55FB401384 Company Billing Address TBL_COMPANY.TYPEID
ABECED80-4C4F-410E-949D-612C311AF3E6 Company Shipping Address TBL_COMPANY.TYPEID

Note that the primary address has the same TYPEID for both TBL_CONTACT.TYPEID and TBL_COMPANY.TYPEID.

Written on February 3, 2020