2013-10-30 Open loops

large__8971665708*Why PowerBI use Talend.

*An explaination of the Four types of Enterprise Architecture.

*Fanboi’s step aside, the sheer number of iPads in education is impressive.

*Documentation on how to map an Alfresco space to a drive.

*Alfresco and Client WebDAV.

*Geeky podcast. Brett Terpstra in Systematic. OS X and iOS oriented, productivity geek heaven.

Off-topic, well, on topic, or both maybe: I’m finding it useful to write these ‘open loops’ as it’s just a bunch of links that I want to come back to, without losing them. Quite frankly it’s easier to find them here on my blog than anywhere else. I am the intended reader of these posts, but do let me know if your find them useful at all.

photo credit: MOLLYBLOCK via photopin cc

Written on October 30, 2013