Comprehension is king

When I was doing web development work, we oft liked to say “Content is king” it is vital for search engine optimization.

My point of view on this has changed today: Content is not and never has been king .

My new point of view is this: Comprehension is king .

This is because you can have all the content you want, if the reader of your content, your client, does not comprehend it, then what was the point?

Content must be comprehended by your intended readers.

Is content any less important. No, simply that comprehension is MORE important and the structure of that content aids or hinders comprehension.

It also made me realise that most of what I post here has been primarily for one of two reasons:*My comprehension - so I don’t forget what it is or where it is

*For one of my clients comprehension - so they can have a reference point to an issue

At lunch talking with an associate it was one of those little ‘light bulb’ moments for me - that Comprehension is king and that this is why I post on my blog.

Written on September 3, 2008