Flickr/Yahoo! UX Failure

A long time ago I had a Flickr account. Then things changed and I no longer used, a lot of time has passed. But today, I decided, I could use a Flickr account.

So I go to Flickr, go to create an account. It directs me to Yahoo as you need a Yahoo account to do Flickr it seems. I create a Yahoo account. I’m redirect back to Flickr and asked to sign up.

I bailed.

This is bad UX. Needing an account with one service so you can create an account at another service is bonkers. I thought I was going to use the newly minted Yahoo details to login to the new and improved, revamped, worthy of my attention Flickr. But no.

Somewhere, there is at least one engineer silently weeping, perhaps more than one.

Elsewhere some manager is thinking they’ve made the world a better place.

One of them knows the truth.

Here is the truth: Make it easy for your users/community/tribe to love you. Else you lose them.

PS. Then I had to google how to delete a yahoo account.

Written on October 10, 2019