Future of Web

Dave Winer writes:>The premise: The web is where the PC industry was before the Mac. No standard UIs. Big opportunity.

Listened to Dave this morning on the ride to work. He’s mentioned Bootstrap from Twitter before, but in his podcast here he explains the why it is such a good thing. The great thing here is that his podcast is one that will help for non-developers understand why it’s important.

I wonder if people on the #SageACT dev team, or any of the add-on developers have looked at this for use in the Sage ACT! Premium for Web product? I’d be interested if they are leveraging others work in this area or if they’ve re-invented the wheel, you’ll need to listen to the podcast to get what I’m asking.

If you develop web apps, I recommend you go listen to it, because it’s only 17 minutes long it ain’t gonna bust up your day to hear a little history and see how it might improve the future.

Link to Dave Winer’s short post and podcast, go listen: Scripting News: DaveCast #16: Mac of the web.

Written on September 30, 2011