Thoughts on new communication methods

Lately I’ve been using some social media tools more.

Today while discussing an upcoming presentation with one of the other participants, it occurred to me that some of these tools have in fact become indispensable to me.

I’m using IM in the form of Google chat to keep other employees up-to-date with my movements and availablity, a second Google chat account that my kids communicate with on, tweeting what I’m working on, direct message tweets to key people, mostly ACT!/Work related, SMS’s to those without twitter or google chat on their mobile phone.

These have become more important to me. Why, because they allow me to quickly communicate with the individuals and the greater peer group. I’m finding that while I’m talking with a client, I can check if another employee is able to discuss and issue with said client right now or do I need to book a time.

I’m beginning to wonder how these communication methods will evolve.

Written on March 19, 2009