Ubuntu & Wireshark sitting in a tree

Did a google for “Ubuntu wireshark install” hoping to get some instructions on how to get Wireshark installed under Ubuntu.

Found the following line: sudo apt-get install ethereal

and knowing that ethereal was the former name for wireshark, I promptly entered sudo apt-get install wireshark

at the command prompt. Lo and Behold, it starts installing Wireshark. I love it when stuff is sensible…

Ohh, oh, oh, it works too. Just like that.

Anyhow, getting back to what I was saying, it is really nice  when playing with a new program (or operating system) and things start falling into place with where to find things, how to do stuff.

One of the things I’m finding with Ubuntu is that while it is harder to install things (not by much tho) I’m finding that i’m actually more producting minute for minute than with Windows (XP or Vista)  - that is when typing a document or actually going to get something done, I’m taking less time with to do the doing. It isn’t that the programs are magically better (I don’t think) but rather that there are fewer distractions. Perhaps that will change with time and knowledge. I don’t know.

Written on February 8, 2008