VStrom aluminium topbox

I’ve been looking for some time for a good topbox to mount on the VStrom (my daily commute) and couldn’t find anything I’ve been happy with. Either to small, to much plastic, “how much for that!” shock, unhappy with the shape, you name it, haven’t seen anything I liked.

The closest I’ve come is side boxes (panniers) and top box combo by yellowbirdrs. So a hat tip & thanks here to yellowbirdrs for leading my thoughts in a different direction to a pre-built, off-the-shelf unit.

But at this point, I don’t want panniers, I just want a box big enough to put two helmets in the top box or do a camping trip with (1 x tent, 2 x self inflating matteresses, 2 x sleeping bags, 1 x camp oven, food and clothing for two).

Thusly, I hereby introduce my custom built aluminium topbox.

External dimensions 580mm wide (across the bike), 380mm long (front to back), 340mm high (big enough for all the kit :).

It isn’t finished yet, but fitted to the bike this weekend and road tested it over approx 300km (a ride over Mt Glorious, out to Esk, Somerset, Kilcoy, Woodford, Mt Mee, Dayboro).

I’ve got a little rattle in it which I think is the latch on the top of the box, so this week while doing the commute (550km/week) I’ll be testing things to eliminate the rattle.

Apart from that it’s come through really well. Likely line the inside with foam or rubber this week.

I’m just a “Wee-bit-excited” to tell the truth! My BOX is finally a reality! hehe.

Written on April 19, 2009