Why use LinkedIn?

I use LinkedIn and find it useful to keep in touch with the business people I deal with. Also it has enabled me to find key people in companies so that I can get the information I need quicker, for example I needed some technical help with an IBM product, I was able to find a contact on LinkedIn that had close contacts with IBM technical people - shortcut to the answer I was looking for.

Thus, if you use LinkedIn, link to me. What goes round comes round. I’ve found others useful, other have found me useful - my LinkedIn profile is here:  www.linkedin.com/in/benhamilton

Here are some lists that others have compiled of ways you can use LinkedIn to benefit yourself:*Guy Kawasaki on ways to use LinkedIn

*A short slideshow on why LinkedIn is useful

*HUGE list of 100+ ways to use LinkedIN Also worth reading is Mitch Joels take on Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn and the difference between them.

Written on November 24, 2008