Note Writing

I’ve been slowing focusing more on my writing — in a journal, status updates, client communications and documentation. Part of improving my writing is the taking of notes. The way I’ve taken notes has been rather slowly improving, but today I stumbled upon someone who is thinking and writing about writing notes.

Andy Matuschak has/is writing about Note-writing Systems. He’s also written Exalting data, missing meaning which I found interesting.

He comments on evergreen note-writing as the basic unit of measure for knowledge work, which is a new thought for me. I’ve typically measured work in terms of revenue, hours billed, or projects completed. While those measures are important, after reading his take, perhaps if I measure evergreen notes as the fundamental unit, that, I’m thinking will improve those other measures.

Says Andy:

… Most people use notes as a bucket for storage or scratch thoughts and Note-writing practices are generally ineffective.

  • Evergreen note-writing helps insight accumulate
  • Evergreen note-writing helps reading efforts accumulate
  • Note-writing helps writing accumulate: these notes are the fuel for the Executable strategy for writing, particularly if you Create speculative outlines while you write.

It’s certainly fueling thoughts for me…

Written on April 4, 2020