What I miss from iOS and how simple it was to fix it

thumbn_9080100066One of the ‘little’ things on iOS that I truly have come to love is this: when you type ‘two spaces’, it auto replaces that with a ‘period and a space’. For example ‘  ‘ becomes ‘. ‘

This is especially useful on iOS devices because to get to the period (aka full stop) you need to change which keyboard you’re viewing, and this little, helpful item means it is so much quicker to type a message or email on iOS. Love it.

But I miss it on my newly acquired Mac. I find that I’m often double tapping the space bar, expecting it to transform into ‘. ‘ - but it doesn’t.

Well, no longer, using TextExpander, I’ve created a new Group, whose snippets only expand in specified applications, at this point only in OmniOutliner as that is where I do most of my writing. My first snippet in this group is triggered by a double space and, yes, you guessed it, transforms into by beloved ‘. ‘

Already my typing feels smoother. :)

Update 2013-10-30: I’ve since expanded this ‘expansion’ to occur in a number of other apps, Outlook, Mail, Word to name the main ones.

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc

Written on October 9, 2013