Right now, working remotely from Brisbane Australia. The lockdowns and border closures due to COVID-19 have meant I can’t get back to the beautiful beaches of Vanuatu, thus I’m on a slightly extended Brisbane stay.

The primary project I’m working on at the moment is for a client that brings currently outsourced operations inhouse to the client. The moving parts for this are SugarCRM, Avaya telepohony, Tenfold CTI, an premise application, a large Excel/Visual Basic application and data movement inbound and outbound. Enjoying digging deep into the issues and workflows. There are a couple of other smaller projects on the periphery, all related to my core skills thank goodness.

  • Currently working in Brisbane, Australia and hankering to return home to Port Vila, Vanuatu
  • CRM Solution Architect for Evolution Marketing Services helping clients understand and solve their problems using CRM and Marketing Automation using Agile methods. SugarCRM, Sugar Market, Sugar Market, StarfishETL, Act-on, MailChimp, Act!, JIRA, Confluence, Git/GitHub and more
  • Riding a Suzuki Bandit 1250 when in Australia, a Honda XR400R when in Vanuatu and trying to travel as much as possible everywhere else.
  • Still learning more about the Zettelkasten method of taking notes, it’s already changed how I note take. If that interests you, go read this book How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens
  • Focusing more on exercise, since lockdown started I’ve put on some weight, time to lose it…

The countries I’ve visited, in order of visit are:

  1. Australia (One of the two places I live)
  2. United States of America (Colorado was fab. New York better than expected)
  3. Malaysia (so. many. people.)
  4. Thailand (Chang Mai. Felt like home)
  5. Germany (Münster, Berlin & Selters Tanus, part of my heart is here)
  6. Denmark (enjoyed the train ride)
  7. Sweden (Old Town Stockholm was great, company was even better)
  8. Norway (Hurtigruten! Fjords! Dog sleds! WOW!!)
  9. Austria (awesome snow)
  10. Switzerland (beautiful)
  11. Vanuatu (The other place I live. You should visit.)
  12. Nepal (mountains are amazing, people beautiful, I really miss the Moo Moo)

I don’t count countries where I didn’t leave the airport, so New Zealand and Qatar haven’t yet made the cut (yet) but even with them, I’ve still visited fewer countries than one of my kids, she is the real globetrotter!

See what I use to do my work on the tools page.

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