Become a blogger

Yes – I signed up to – after reading the free road map PDF and watching the 10 free Howto videos.

Even tho I’ve been blogging since 2002, in the last 24 hours I’ve already learnt stuff. Plus I’ve got access to a private forum (ie no trolls) where like minded ‘students’ and experts like Yaro and Gideon answer questions.

What it means for my readers is improved quality from here on in.

2 thoughts on “Become a blogger”

  1. Not as yet, I will have email subscriptions available soon (within next week or so).

    Re the Becomeablobber forums, you need to signup, see the link in the article above (or go here – once you’ve done that you can also access the PRIVATE BECOME A BLOGGER forums run by Yaro & Gideon.

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