Concatenate Fields via ODBC Query

Today I wanted to concatenate some fields with some text. We are pulling some data from MYOB for import against a client record in SugarCRM and want to tidy it up as we go.

however, using concat didn’t work.

Thus this Stackoverflow answer came to the rescue with using {fn concat('some text', 'with more text')}

I’ve then nested it a little as this function only takes two arguments.

  {fn concat (TermsOfPayment.Description,  
    {fn concat (' (',  
      {fn concat (Terms.BalanceDueDays, ' days)')}  
  )} as TradingTerms  
  join Terms on Terms.TermsID = Customers.TermsID join  
  TermsOfPayment on TermsOfPayment.TermsOfPaymentID = Terms.TermsOfPaymentID;