Should you use a twitter auto DM?

At the moment, there seems to be a backlash against using twitter auto DM’s (Direct Messages) to automatically send a new twitter follower a message.

I have a somewhat different point of view on this.

If you’re going to have a message auto sent to a new twitter follower and do one or more of the following, it’s SPAM:

  • include a link,
  • say how happy you are,
  • ask them to visit your site,
  • say your looking forward to working with them.

For the above cases, I don’t like them.

However, and this is the “but…”, I do use a DM myself. Why?
Because the “followers” I’m after are those interested in my interest – ACT! CRM Software.

Thus, my DM is as follows:
Hi - if I can help you with any questions re ACT! by Sage or CRM let me know, Ben.
That’s it. No link. No request to visit my web site. If they think it’s SPAMMY then that’s fine, they can un-follow, it merely shows that they are not the type I’m looking to connect with.
Those that remain, they do ask questions, either via twitter or email or phone.

To me, my auto DM to those that choose to follow me on twitter, is a follower filter.

What do you think? let me know via the comments here or via twitter.

4 thoughts on “Should you use a twitter auto DM?”

  1. Ben, I like your comments on auto DM and would like to emulate what you do but I can’t figure out how to set up an auto DM! Can you tell me how to do it? Thanks!

  2. Your point is valid, but this also depends on what your followers interests are and what your links appear to indicate on the DM. I like to auto DM new followers with links to my latest mega mix (a direct link to high quality mp3), and a link to a seperate mp3 page also loaded with new direct link high qual mp3s that our service promotes. I also include a link to our upload page. That’s a Thanks followed by 3 links and i’ve never had an issue. Of course i’m not giving them any adverts or trying to sell anything. Now if they decide to select a different link on our navigation bar they will find out more on our various services. It seems that the younger tweeters in the music bizz or fans of the bizz appreciate the grind and like getting access to the music. I get tweets all day thanking me for these links.

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