Setting up WriteMonkey on WordPress

This post has been written using [WriteMonkey]( “Zenware for full screen distraction free writing”) as the text editor. Not only that but I’ve utilised Markdown as the method of text mark-up. All of this has been achieved using WordPress as my CMS, Firefox as my browser and a Firefox plug-in called It’s All Text.

My first impressions are actually good. Although its taken a little setup, I’m actually happy with the result. You see, using WriteMonkey as a text editor is, well, gorgeous. The screen is emptied of all distractions. With typewriter mode enabled, it is a pure joy to use.

Now to get this to work I did the following:

+ [disabled the visual editor]( “Article by Chris Coyier on blogging in WordPress with Markdown”) in [WordPress]( “The official WordPress site”),
+ installed the [It’s All Text]( “Firefox add-on page for It’s All Text”) Firefox plug-in,
+ installed the [PHP Markdown]( “Download page for PHP Markdown”) [plug-in for WordPress]( “Help getting Markdown working in WordPress”),
+ started writing :)

Not so hard is it? Actually the writing bit is the hardest. But you knew that…

What it now means is that when I begin writing a new post in WordPress, I simple click the little edit button that appears, and WriteMonkey fires up, comes to the foreground and I start writing. To finish up, I press CTRL-Q and I click YES I do want to save it.

So I can whole-heartedly say that it’s worth the effort to setup [WriteMonkey]( “Zenware for full screen distraction free writing”). Go do it! It feels good.

Of course, now the hard bit is about to start, that is, do more writing.

PS: Only found out about WriteMonkey via [DownloadSquad]( “These guys are on the bleeding edge of shiny”)

4 thoughts on “Setting up WriteMonkey on WordPress”

  1. Hi Annabel,
    it took me about 30min to do it all. However, it will only take less than 5min to download and run WriteMonkey. I’d suggest you do that first, make sure it works the way you want to work. If if does (and it did for me) then install the firefox addon, then if you want to write your pieces using the Markdown markup, then take the extra step.

    Start with step one, and progress from there.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiance in getting it up and going.

  2. Sounds interesting, Ben. I’ve looked at the screenshots on the WriteMonkey website, but I’m not sure I totally get it yet…I might just have to try installing it and giving it a go.

  3. The primary benefit I’m getting from using WriteMonkey is that my screen is clear. No task bar, nothing. Pressing and holding the F3 key let’s me ‘peek’ at what’s behind, and F11 makes it a regular window. But fullscreen is where the love is.

    Also, to make it more readable, I’m using the Consolas font at 15 points in Silver on an almost, but not quite, black background.

    Loving it.

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