Email size limts in Exchange

Have an Microsoft Exchange server and want to change the maximum size of emails that can be sent or recieved?

Here is how: Open up Exchange System Manager, Global Settings, right click Message Delivery, select Properties, Defaults and bingo, you can set both Sending message size and Receiving message size.

2 thoughts on “Email size limts in Exchange”

  1. i set ours to 20000kb but when people try to send me a 15.6mb file it gets bounced back. is there somewhere else on the server where a lower limit is overriding the system manager settings?

  2. Not that I’m aware of.

    However a number of other things can impact here, are you using any SPAM filtering software or service? Either locally on the exchange server (i.e. Mail Marshal) or out in the ‘cloud’ (i.e. Trend IMHS)?

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